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Keep in mind that the content is recorded with no scripting and while the relevance of it may be basic for some at 1 part ; the next might have information of extreme value. We have injected little tips and tricks we have learned along the way. The training is for information and consideration only and outcome is relative to many factors outside our control. DO NOT consider this as legal advice but rather a starting point from which to develop sound practices.

Be advised our FREE Training Audios are accompanied by our best resource content we have compiled as well as  sponsor advertising as a means of keeping it FREE BUT they are resources you can benefit from.

Once you choose an audio below and click the link; a new page will open that has a LIME GREEN link in a BLUE box at top of page to click. Your audio will load and should start at top of page while other resource content loads below for you to glance at as desired. Once audio is done you may return to main page to choose next training audio. If you see no audio player after clicking link use CONTACT link below.

We have engaged the training content via links w/in the body of the informational text in order to create an actual flow of suggested  step by step setup, growth, and marketing strategies. (((NOTE))) The outlined steps are strongly urged based on experience. Each should be worked as thoroughly as possible til you are awaiting a response or an approval or an activation or something dependant on another entity after you have went as far as possible. Make a note of followup needed on items needing to be completed usually w/in 48 hours by phone, text,email,etc. and move to next strategy. When  you receive item(s) needed or get an answeron a prior action and can return to previous so in attempt to work each strategy thru to successful setup and operational status and then do daily work each day as required first and then pursuing new strategy setup as time allows....



We originally were going to make this solely a lead and marketing resource BUT as time has gone along in the 3 years we have been working with business owners: we realized that basic business startup and operations info was crucial and being decades at varying levels of business--we decided to add business topics.

TOPIC 1 - Business Startup & Growth Concepts 101: 

Information in sessions 1,2,3a,3b are the steps in order from concept to pulling the trigger on establishing your business and ordering startup resources. The TOPIC 1 SUMMARY outlines this thoroughly ending with establishing a relationship with a local CPA for business setup and name registration, support account creation, as well as equipment and marketing items.

Session 1[19 minutes] - Startup: Research & Determine Target Biz, Brand, Profit, & Service Area/Client...Audio HERE

Session 2[35 minutes] - Biz Forms, Cost Research, Market Research, Get a Pro...Audio HERE

Session(s) 3[33 minutes] - Shop the Competition, Final Rough Draft, Name Research...Audio1 HERE...Audio2 HERE

Session 4[25 minutes] - Step by Step SUMMARY...Audio HERE

TOPIC 2 - Brand Exposure, Lead Generation, & Marketing on FREE Platforms: 

This information is intended to introduce you to using the power of optimized free platforms to achieve brand exposure and maximize potential to build leads. Once you start down the path of online branding; it is very easy to get lost and ultimately end up spinning your wheels just due to the excitement of trying all things new. Stay focused....not to say you should not try new things but the program we are outlining is least resistance for most exposure. Proven strategies in the heat of business and "live" income generation.

Session 1[21 minutes] - Mindset: Business & Personal Separate, ALWAYS be Branding...Audio HERE

Session 2[28 minutes] - Facebook Business Page: Setup & Maintenance for Optimized Exposure...Audio HERE

Session 3[24 minutes] - Facebook: Group Posting Strategies...Audio HERE

Session 4[19 minutes] - Facebook: Lead/Direct Contact Info Generation Strategies..Audio UPGRADE FOR ACCESS(1asplstart8AAA)

Session 5[20 minutes] - Google Business Profile: Basics for Setup/Maintenance/Recovery Tips...Audio HERE

Session 6[20 minutes] - WEBSITE: Is it time?? Domain & Hosting Thoughts...Audio HERE

Session 7[20 minutes] - Free Platforms: Search Engine Brand Exposure Strategy...Audio HERE

TOPIC 3 - Offline, Real World Basic Strategies:

At the point you get stuck or at a place where you are waiting for someone or something else: you immediately step back into simple and practical real world strategies to build brand awareness and start building a lead pipeline. The following are some ideas and tips for building trust based opportunities for your business.

Session 1[21 minutes] - Business Card Strategies: 2 ideas to get you started building a referral network with simple business cards...Audio HERE

Session 2[28 minutes] - Mailers & Fliers: 2 different birds of the same advertising flock...Audio HERE

Session 3[31 minutes] - D2D: For REAL...Audio HERE

TOPIC 4 - Contract Acquisition & Assignment - Develop a Research & Registration Program:

Why has it been such a guarded secret?? We dont have that answer....but we can push you in the right direction. We try to make this pretty simple if the commercial bid for contract arena is one you seek to enter. 

Session 1[20 minutes] - Who, What, When,Where,Why...Audio UPGRADE FOR ACCESS(1asplstart15AAA)

Session 2[24 minutes] - HOW??...Audio UPGRADE FOR ACCESS(1asplstart16AAA)

TOPIC 5 - Out of the Box Online Concepts:

Captured & Driven Traffic, Branding & Ranking, Email Marketing

Session 1[20 minutes] - Paid Traffic...Audio HERE

Session 2[16 minutes] - Branding & Ranking to SE Listing...Audio HERE

TOPIC 6[18 minutes] - Timeline Summary:...Audio HERE

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