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  With over 20 years in marketing and information recovery; our desire to help fellow service business owners has recently found us in successful development of resources for DIY Lead Generation Strategies. Coupled with the sites goal of matching reliable providers with consumers needing service - we are also developing a simple & solid BRANDING program to grow your business exposure AND enhance your online presence.

While we can accomodate all types of LEAD Generation Resources: Our goal is to provide business owners with more than just a list of business names and email addresses. Of course; We can provide a full array of services with our media agency at

Our 6 PRIORITY Stand-Alone Services Are as Follows and Range From Full DIY to Full Hands Off With Customizations Across the Spectrum of Both. These resources are so different from mainstream lead generation and have such success potential; we feel it best to pursue an initial telephone consultation:

Base Cold Contact Data Lists -

Our cold contact lists are basic dual(2) lines of contact info to accompany name of business within a determined geography. No consultation required $2/ea in sets of 10

Contract Opportunity Search

This is a service where we perform a search of available databases within a determined geography in attempt to locate relative contract opportunities and compile user friendly data.

DIY Contract/Assignment Register & Research  Lists -

This is a service where we search,locate, and compile a list for a determined geography of online locations where user may REGISTER for contract bid notifications, potential contract assignments, and search for available contract bidding/contract assignment opportunities.

FULL SERVICE Contract/Assignment Registration -

This service is same as above EXCEPT once the link data is compiled; the registration process is completed by us with input of USER business data.

FULL SERVICE B2B Lead Development & Contact -

This service is a custom B2B research and compilation of determined contact data followed by  accompanying outreach for transition to LEAD.

FULL SERVICE Social Media & Search Branding -

This service is a custom solution available to increase brand exposure across social media as well as search utility link development for maximum short term rank enhancement. Methods use a mix of strategies across multiple formats

All data is human compiled & confirmed


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All data is acquired/compiled thru open access information resources and use implies liabilty as  end user based ONLY. Intent is for marketing and lead generation purposes. Legal use compliance in all jurisdictions is user responsibility. Many listings are large budget opportunities and as with any high profit potential venture -- there is work required on the front end to apply/qualify/secure/comply with each opportunity provider and we have no ability to alter/affect outcome